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I'm Stephanie, Certified Family Centred Baby Sleep Consultant 

I offer Family Centred Sleep Support for babies, toddlers and older children that is tailored to your parenting style, your lifestyle and your family's needs. Working together to find a wellness approach that works for you all.

Sleep for all the family can be achieved and is something we all deserve and consistently good sleep can happen for your family. With some practical advice and some actionable help I will ensure that your little ones will be on their way to being 'Out For The Count', happy and content in no time!

As a mother of two little girls, I know first hand what it's like to be a parent trying to function on little to no sleep. Having resolved sleep for my own family, I've since worked with dozens of parents to help them transform their children's sleep.

Supporting babies and children to sleep well enables them to reach their full potential in everyday activities and allows parents to enjoy their children's primitive years without the haze of exhaustion from lack of sleep that can have a detrimental impact on family functioning.   

My aim is to equip families with the tools and confidence to achieve a workable approach for their family. The 1:1 support you will receive will help you to resolve current sleep issues and to navigate your little one’s sleep during their early years with confidence and ease.

Contrary to popular belief, healthy sleep habits can be achieved without compromising on your parenting style or making you housebound to a routine.
There are a variety of strategies that we can put in place, whilst allowing you the flexibility to live your lives the way you want to.

Stephanie Donaldson ​
Diploma Family Centred Infant Sleep 
BSc Hons Degree Social Work 
OCN Gentle Sleep Methods

Happy Baby


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Based in Limavady
Co.Derry/ Londonderry

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Suitable for babies 0-4 months

Investment £120

Family Entertainment


Suitable for babies and toddlers 4 months and beyond

Investment £200

Smart Phone Call


This package is suitable for parents wishing to troubleshoot or gain advice on a particular issue.

Investment £65

Baby Room


4 hours of In-Home bedtime support

Investment £300

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In-Home bedtime support
Duration: 6 hours

Investment £350+

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In-Home bedtime support
Duration: 12 hours

Investment £400+



My name is Stephanie Donaldson, founder of Out For The Count Infant Sleep Consultancy based in Co.Derry/ Londonderry. I am the proud mother of two little daughters age 1 and 3 years. I am a wife, qualified Social Worker and Certified Infant Sleep Consultant. I am registered with FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators) and I am also registered with NISCC (Northern Ireland Social Care Council) 

I have almost 10 years experience working with Children and Families in a professional, supportive capacity.


The idea for Out For The Count came about when I was expecting baby number two. With a toddlers sleep struggles to contend with and a newborn on the way I knew we needed help! What resulted was a fascination in the theory and science behind baby sleep, a Diploma in infant sleep and two little girls 'Out For The Count' and sleeping through the night! 

From personal experience I can testify, that the importance of parental sleep can never be under-estimated. Sleep deprivation can impact on our ability to function effectively and our ability to give our little ones the best version of ourselves.

My methods are tried and tested with my own two little girls who finally enjoy a peaceful and restorative nights sleep. 

I am passionate about working in partnership with families to help their little ones achieve restful sleep and to help promote a happier family.

I look forward to getting to know you and your beautiful family.

Stephanie x


Mother and Baby

New & Expectant Parents Package


I got in touch with Stephanie when Orla was around 9-10 weeks. She would only sleep in the sling during the day and always seemed so upset when it came to bedtime when we were trying to put her over, It just wasn't sustainable anymore. Stephanie really helped us to understand the 4th trimester, wake times, sleep cues and how to assist in meeting Orla's sleep needs for her age. We now have a lovely bedtime routine in place which Orla seems to really enjoy. Since following Stephanie's advice there has been many times when Orla has been able to self settle/soothe to sleep from being fully awake in the cot, and the number of naps in the sling has dramatically reduced. Bedtimes are so much more pleasant for everyone now. Long may it continue! Thank you so much Stephanie.

Image by Colin Maynard

The Rescue Call


We can't thank Stephanie enough for her help and guidance with our little one. Within an hour of making contact we had a call scheduled and a plan in place. I have never met someone so friendly and genuinely wanting to help! Anyone with a child who isn't sleeping great should definitely make contact, you wont be disappointed. 


Comprehensive Infant Support Package
Anna & Ezra,


Honestly the best thing we have done for our children and ourselves! 3 weeks on and we have gone from the 11 month old up 3 times overnight to sleeping 7 to 7 and being a happy well rested baby! The 4 year old loves her relaxing pre-bed routine and is also sleeping better. Stephanie's kindness and wisdom is so encouraging and supportive. She really has taught us so much about sleep and obviously transformed sleep now for us... But I know now we have the techniques to manage sleep for the future. Can't recommend enough!! Book her!!

Happy Baby

Comprehensive Sleep Plan


I can't recommend Stephanie at 

Out For The Count enough!

She provided a detailed and personalised sleep plan for my 10 month old who woke every 2 hours through the night. We all now enjoy a more peaceful nights sleep following the plan. You won't regret getting her on board to help. xx

Image by Jonathan Borba

Comprehensive Infant Support Package, 


Stephanie is my life saver.. definitely worth the investment. David was waking every 1 to 2 hours at night looking for his dummy and was also still in my room at 1 yr old.. with Stephanie's help, he is now in his own room and able to replace the dummy himself. Very seldom now we might have to go into him once a night, which makes a change from 6-10 times previously. He also lays chatting to himself in the morning at a normal wakeup time 7am (previously anything from 6am) We even managed a weeks holiday after only 2 weeks on the plan & he was a dream child- slept all daytime naps & nights amazing which is all down to correct timings and being able to self soothe with the help of his white noise & dummy! Definitely recommend this service. I know if I have any problems in the future I can always pop a message to Stephanie... xx

Baby Sleeping_edited.jpg

The Rescue Call


So pleased I contacted Stephanie for her 'Rescue Call'. Her knowledge on all things sleep seems limitless, and she was so willing to listen and offer useful advice. 

I would definitely recommend; if you are at all like myself and searching the internet in a sleep deprived state. You will find much more helpful tailored information here. Thank you Stephanie! 

Sleeping Baby

Comprehensive Infant Support Package

We were so hesitant to try a sleep consultant but are so glad we took the chance with Stephanie. Our 8 month old had never slept through the night and woke every 2 hours for a feed. We never thought it would work for us but just 2 nights into our plan she no longer woke for a feed and she is now regularly sleeping 12 hours. We highly recommend Stephanie if you need help with baby's sleep. She is so helpful and answered any questions or concerns we had and put us at ease throughout the whole process. We couldn't be happier with the results.

Image by Christian Bowen

The Rescue Call


Stephanie is very knowledgeable and has a genuine interest. Less than a week since our rescue call and our toddler is going to sleep without any tears- such a contrast to the crying and distress he was experiencing. Those little tips have certainly done the trick! 

Thank you

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