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Hello and welcome to Out for the Count!


I'm Stephanie, a Certified Family Centred Baby Sleep Consultant offering sleep support for babies, toddlers and older children that is tailored to your parenting style, your lifestyle and your family's needs. Working together to find a wellness approach that works for you all.

Sleep for all the family can be achieved and is something we all deserve and consistently good sleep can happen for your family. With some practical advice and some actionable help I will ensure that your little ones will be on their way to being 'Out For The Count', happy and content in no time!


Sleep Support Services

At Out for the Count we provide both in-home and virtual support services to help our clients in the way that works best for them. Click on the services below to find out more or alternatively book a FREE consultation to discuss your needs here.

In-Home Services


In-Home bedtime support

Duration: 4 hours

Investment £300



In-Home bedtime support
Duration: 6 hours

Investment £350+


In-Home bedtime support
Duration: 12 hours

Investment £400+

Virtual Online Services

woman holding baby beside man smiling_ed

Suitable for babies 0-4 months

Investment £120


Suitable for babies and toddlers 4 months and beyond

Investment £200


This package is suitable for parents wishing to troubleshoot or gain advice on a particular issue.

Investment £65

Let's get started

Tell me about your sleep situation and what you would like to change. You can contact me via email, fill in the contact form or alternatively book a FREE initial consultation where we will be able to suggest a plan that will work for your circumstances.

Out for the Count is based in Limavady, Co.Derry/ Londonderry and covers all of Northern Ireland for home consultations. 

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Newborn Baby Sleep Guide

WAS £37.00 NOW £25.00


Are you pregnant or a new parent?! this guide is to help you navigate sleep in the first 12 weeks of parenthood with ease.


Whether you are a brand new parent or wanting to get ahead of sleep next time round.  

👶This instantly downloadable PDF guide will provide all the information you need to lay healthy sleep habits from the start, and to feel confident in your approach.

What if how you chose to feed your baby had no bearing on sleep?!


Suitable for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding 🤱🍼

💛 This guide includes:

✅ Understanding the '4th Trimester'
✅ Sleep and Expectations 
✅ How to create an optimal sleep environment 
✅ The witching hour- how to settle a fussy baby
✅ Supporting sleep with a routine
✅ Navigating overnight with your newborn
✅ A gentle method to encourage the foundation of independent sleep and avoid sleep training.
✅ Extending naps 
✅ Words of encouragement from other parents
✅ Recommended sleep products and much more

Website Online Course Launch Promo.png

A little about my story...

As a mother of two little girls, I know first hand what it's like to be a parent trying to function on little to no sleep. Having resolved sleep for my own family, I've since worked with dozens of parents to help them transform their children's sleep.Supporting babies and children to sleep well enables them to reach their full potential in everyday activities and allows parents to enjoy their children's primitive years without the haze of exhaustion from lack of sleep that can have a detrimental impact on family functioning.  


My aim is to equip families with the tools and confidence to achieve a workable approach for their family. The 1:1 support you will receive will help you to resolve current sleep issues and to navigate your little one’s sleep during their early years with confidence and ease. Contrary to popular belief, healthy sleep habits can be achieved without compromising on your parenting style or making you housebound to a routine. There are a variety of strategies that we can put in place, whilst allowing you the flexibility to live your lives the way you want to.


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